FAQ Page

Crownwell is an official representative of international hospitals and providing services to liver transplant patients since 2002. Crownwell has made arrangements of more than 500 patients for liver transplant in different international hospitals. So no one is so much experienced than Crownwell.

On the first step, we send reports of patient to liver transplant team for an expert opinion. They inform in reply about possible treatment, cost of treatment, duration of stay and expected success rate on particularly that case.


Depends on country which you have chosen, normally 15 to 20 days

Yes, started on fewer places

Donor should be patient’s relative. Having same blood group and age should be between 18 to 50, after that some tests are required to check suitability and to calculate risk factors for both.

Some hospitals started performing ABO incompatible liver transplants means donor can be accepted from different blood group but this procedure is not much common at this stage and risk factors in transplant will be increased.

Govt. of Pakistan is giving funds to non-affording patients.