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Hepatitis C

Key facts

Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis C virus: the virus can cause both acute and chronic hepatitis, ranging in severity from a mild illness lasting a few weeks to a serious, lifelong illness.
The hepatitis C virus is a bloodborne virus and the most common modes of infection are through exposure […]

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Hepatitis B

The hepatitis B virus is a DNA virus belonging to the Hepadnaviridae family of viruses. Hepatitis B virus is not related to the hepatitis A virus or the hepatitis C virus.
Some people with hepatitis B never clear the virus and are chronically infected. Approximately 2 billion individuals in the world have evidence of past or […]

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Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is an inflammatory disease of the liver caused by a virus.
The liver stores nutrients and vitamins, helps digest foods, helps prevent infections, and helps remove harmful substances from blood.
Hepatitis A viruses cause the disease termed hepatitis A
People at higher risk to be infected with hepatitis A virus include those that use illegal drugs, […]

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Chronic Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism is a common substance-abuse disorder that leads to significant medical complications. Alcohol affects virtually every organ system, and alcoholics are at increased risk for cirrhosis, gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding, pancreatitis, cardiomyopathy, trauma, mental health disorders, and a wide variety of cancers. Patients frequently have very poor insight into their addiction—a state commonly referred to as […]

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Triglycerides are a type of fat (lipid) found in your blood. When you eat, your body converts any calories it doesn’t need to use right away into triglycerides. The triglycerides are stored in your fat cells. Later, hormones release triglycerides for energy between meals. If you regularly eat more calories than you burn, particularly “easy” […]

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